Boldly Going Where No One Has Gone Before Means…

Change has been something every one of us has experienced in many ways in the last few years. The pandemic has interrupted our lives in blockbuster proportions. The stock market growth and fall have left many in a tailspin. Lack of supply and great have left the country paying high prices for goods and services. Geo-political unrest has added its share of change pressure on the planet.

Companies large and small are reacting to change in different ways. Some companies are pulling back and reacting to what the environment dictates. Other companies have found a sense of BOLDNESS. Boldness is interpreted in different ways by different companies. The idea is centered around thinking large, using imagination to use the opportunity as a friend. This is the reason some companies emerge from the rubble with fresh ideas of value. Boldness can be visible. What people can see, feel (inspirationally) and touch is one way to bring the idea of boldness to the workplace. Modern office designs provide a key impactful spirt of boldness that transcends the ideas to withdraw. The modern conference room, the modern reception area, the modern executive offices, or the modern open space plans, all can punch up creativity as a unit. Welcoming ambiguity One of the characteristics of our environment is endless, unpredictable difference. We’ve witnessed how 2020 has exaggerated this reality, and current world affairs persist in disrupting the existing order of things. Whenever there is uncertainty, it’s common place to pull back and protect against the possible downsides – however, business makeover doesn’t come from being protective, it comes from using ambiguity as a tool to grow stronger. A couple of questions… Are we being too conservative to miss obvious opportunities? Is your transformation a company affair, or is the idea of it owned by only the top brass? At 90 Degree Office Concepts we are using these uncertain times as an opportunity to grow our manufacturing facilities into other areas to cut freight cost for our clients. Fuel cost and labor shortage has been one of the cost-generating changes of our time. We have used this time of uncertainty to develop products that are somewhat simplistic in detail and highly designed that we can offer out at lower prices given market pullback. Products like our Chambery modern conference table is one such example. Here is a conference table we designed to price from $2,248. Another such example of product development is in our Alpharetta Modern reception desk, designed with simplicity and cost-conservation mindfulness. Being consistent with change we have made selective products available on platforms such as The idea behind this bold move is make certain product available and easing purchasing for those preferring to use true e-commerce as a purchasing method. By welcoming ambiguity, being creative, and looking for hidden opportunities, we believe ideas will be forth coming that will invoke positive change rather than sitting on the sidelines watching and waiting. Changing from the inside out Any change that happens from the outside first, becomes a formally executed process and lacks authenticity. Change that happens from the inside, be it of a person or a company, shows up outwardly as being genuine. For that reason, among others, it is important to treat the workplace as a bold expression for change. When an employee comes to work in a cool modern office, with unique, quality office furniture, it becomes a place where they are proud to work. That pride becomes a self-motivator for inside change. Consistent Mindfulness Everything we do as a company drives the process of change. From the way we show up both inside and outside the office. As a company, 90 Degree Office Concepts wants to do the work for you with our modern office furniture designs so that you can make a bold statement for change in your office. To do that, we focus our attention on designing modern conference tables in unique shapes, unusual materials, and in ways that make your meetings more visually and functionally attractive. Our modern reception desks help make that bold statement from the time that a visitor enters your workplace, until the time they leave. The idea is to help you express without words; you are a company that is consistently a bold product of change. DNA for successful companies is evolving, created around approach and makeover that puts people at the core: customers, employees, and organization. This means starting at the beginning with organizational attitudes, embracing influential and inspirational ideas that develop creativity that ultimately help to get closer to customers.

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