Cool! Dope! Sick! Modern office furniture materials to match your creative spirit

At 90 Degree Office Concepts, it’s important to us to keep the spirit of creativity alive. One of the many ways we have chosen to accomplish this is through our extensive selection of materials. This approach puts an unimaginable number of choices at your fingertips. Each selection offers something different from the next, which helps you release limited thinking and enter a world of what is truly possible. Here are a few of the options you’ll find with us:

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All of our materials offer a unique textural and visual experience for the user. At the same time, no material can deliver everything to everyone. While one material might be great visually, it could also be too costly in terms of budget. A material could suit your budget just fine but fail to deliver the visual you are seeking. A material might be the perfect color but a bit too fragile for your chosen location or application….and the list goes on.

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