7 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Custom-Made Modern Reception Desk Online

There once was a time when reception desks were not yet modern, and were only accessible in retail stores. You had to spend time shopping at many different places, looking at one reception desk after another—and whether or not you found the perfect fit for your reception area and business profile, you had to settle for one. Often, you’d have to pay insane prices just to get one you really weren’t that excited about. Add a conference table, a few desks, and seating, and you were looking at a chunk of change.

What if there were a safe way to get the exact fit, color, design, and quality you want—at a price you could set? Would that relieve your pain?

Keep reading to find out the top 7 reasons why you should be buying a custom-made modern reception desk online.

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1. You’ll save big over ready-made reception desks.

How is 90 Degree Office Concepts able to offer modern reception desks online for less than “comparable” reception desks at other office furniture retailers? What’s our secret?

It’s simple. 90 Degree Office Concepts’ modern office furniture selection is devoid of middlemen. We have our own in-house manufacturing facility, so all shipping, storage, inventory, and holding costs (plus other resources) are saved.

90 Degree Office Concepts doesn’t have to pay retail/showroom rent, so you don’t have to absorb that expense, either.

Shopping for modern office furniture Saves you a fortune over retail prices.
Shopping for modern office furniture Saves you a fortune over retail prices.


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2. You can expect better quality.

When you buy a modern reception desk from 90 Degree Office Concepts, you’ll get furniture built at our own facility with higher-grade materials under thorough, piece-by-piece supervision. All of our furniture is assembled and inspected on an individual basis before shipping. We don’t just send out a box of parts mass-produced offshore. All of your furniture is made just for you by quality-minded American craftsmen.

90 Degree Office Concepts offers a high-quality product with a risk-free shopping experience

90 Degree Office Concepts offers a high-quality product with a risk-free shopping experience.

3. 90 Degree Office Concepts’ design consultants are not commission-based.

Shopping for a modern reception desk online is more advantageous now than at any time in the past. You get the assistance you need from a design professional, so you can design your modern reception area to your very own level of comfort. No need to worry about persistent salespeople attempting to sell you on an idea that doesn’t work for you. You also don’t need to worry about budget, because design consultants have no personal interest other than your satisfaction.

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4. Unbelievable selection online.

90 Degree Office Concepts has literally thousands of modern reception desk styles, colors, sizes and material combinations for you to select from. If you have your own idea, 90 Degree Office Concepts will build it for you. You can mix and match materials from one product to another, making your design possibilities endless—certainly a selection unparalleled by brick-and-mortar office furniture stores.

You should know that modern reception desk quality can vary from one product to another. Just because you see a reception desk that looks similar on other sites doesn’t mean it’s the same thing. The materials and construction quality may be much different.

90 Degree Office Concepts is a design aficionado’s dream.


Wood veneer modern reception desks starting at $1,387.


Melamine and wood veneer modern reception desks starting at $577.

5. Rapid turnaround time for custom reception desks.

“I need my reception desk, and I need it now” is the lament of many online shoppers. 90 Degree Office Concepts can turn the average reception desk around in two to three weeks—and sometimes faster. No need to wait the 10-14 weeks stated by many custom reception desk providers.

Get your modern reception desk when you need it.

6. You’ll experience amazing customer service.

90 Degree Office Concepts will take you by the proverbial hand and walk you, step by step, through all of the things you need to know about making the best selection for your modern reception area. 90 Degree Office Concepts’ design consultants will help you resolve any concerns you may have before, during, and after your reception desk purchase. Read what previous purchasers have to say about their experiences.

7. Unique design experience.

You can avoid having your reception desk look, feel, and function just like every other office on the planet—simply by selecting the size, components, color, and style that best suit your company’s brand perception and needs. We supply the tools you need to be productive in the process. You get to step away from the crowd!