7 Reasons Why 90 Degree Office Concepts is Rocking the Internet

7 Reasons Why 90 Degree Office Concepts is Rocking the Internet

90 Degree Office Concepts builds custom-made office furniture in the State of Florida and markets it directly to design-minded companies with modern offices. There is no middleman. This explains why any business can get exactly what they want for their office—without paying extra.

  1. 90 Degree Office Concepts is a young company with a ton of experience in building commercial-grade office furniture.

  2. You save time by getting exactly what you want—all in one place.

    You can literally design your furniture by selecting your materials, sizes, colors, and appointments. The average internet shopper spends hours, weeks—and, in some cases, months—trying to find the perfect modern reception desk or conference table to best represent their company. 90 Degree Office Concepts lets you do it all in one place—all at the same time.

    Every office’s size and shape is different. Every office’s function, purpose, and usage are different. Every company’s theme, colors, and design preferences are different. Why let someone else decide how you should run your company?

  3. 90 Degree Office Concepts is the first company to successfully offer quality modern-design office furniture affordably.

    Quality modern office furniture has always come with a hefty price tag. That’s because most manufacturers of quality office furniture have a dealer network—so the price of the furniture must be high enough so that everyone can eat from the same plate. Additionally, the furniture material and labor must be cheap enough to fit a specific price point. Now that 90 Degree Office Concepts is producing modern office furniture, you can finally get quality office furniture at an affordable price.
  4. 90 Degree Office Concepts is run by people with innovative ideas and meticulous attention to detail.

    The world is changing at the speed of thought. What worked well yesterday may not work well today. For this reason, the folks at 90 Degree Office Concepts are continually coming up with new ideas to capture the attention of the market and serve the needs of their client base. This is what they do—along with checking, rechecking, and checking again to make sure every piece of office furniture that leaves their premises is visually perfect.

  5. They ship their modern office furniture in 2-4 weeks.

    We all know the word custom (with regard to anything) means extended wait times and inflated price tags. One of the most expensive commodities any of us have is time. We only have a limited amount of it, and smart people can’t afford to waste it—especially not waiting for office furniture. Because 90 Degree Office Concepts is well aware of the time/value equation, your furniture ships in 2-4 weeks.

  6. The client relationship is at the top of the list. 90 Degree Office Concepts is not a true e-commerce company.

    You cannot put your modern office furniture in a cart and forget about it. You have to put thought into what works best for your business.

    From the moment your experience with 90 Degree Office Concepts begins, you’ll discover that someone is there to answer your questions, assist you in evaluating your needs, and help you get the perfect fit for your business. Sometimes, it’s about the size and fit; at other times, it’s about function. Maybe you need material or product design help. Whatever your needs, a customer service team member is quick to answer every single email and call. Customers send in reports about products they’ve purchased and the level of service provided by 90 Degree Office Concepts’ customer service team.

  7. 90 Degree Office Concepts is more than just a manufacturer of modern office furniture.

    90 Degree Office Concepts has innovative ideas, and they are willing to share them with you so your company can reflect the quality business you know you are. They receive numerous accolades from clients all over the country, who share how happy they are to have found them.
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