7 of the Biggest Mistakes Companies Make When Selecting a Modern Office Furniture Provider

Selecting a modern office furniture provider is a big decision for most companies.
Avoiding common slip-ups when choosing a furniture provider can give you peace of mind and circumvent a lot of undue stress.

Deciding on a Supplier Just Because You Like a Picture of a Piece of Furniture

It may seem convenient to work with a vendor near your office, or make a choice based upon a picture on a website. Take the time to find out the company’s product expertise, and what they know about product materials and office furniture construction. Find out what they know about design, and how their knowledge suits your needs.

Choosing a Provider with the Wrong Forte

Some office furniture providers specialize in space planning, while others offer discounted and/or imported furniture. Some have an affinity for seating, while others depend upon their suppliers to provide information about design, size, and materials, and offer what’s available rather than what really works best for your needs. 

Choosing a Furniture Provider that Doesn’t Relate to Your Strategy

Modern office furniture is currently very popular. There is a percentage of customers that prefer a more traditional, or even a transitional look. It would be difficult for an office furniture provider to completely relate to a strategy that isn’t their own. If you prefer a look that is different or unique, find a furniture provider that thinks like you do.

Not Researching What Other Office Furniture Buyers Have to Say 

Now, more than ever, it’s easy to locate reviews of furniture providers submitted online by customers. Google and Yelp reviews can be helpful in finding out the general relationship any given provider maintains with their customers and the product they provide. While it’s understandable that no one can please everyone all the time, you want a provider that pleases most of the people, most of the time. This can help you trust a company with your brand image.

Not Asking for Credentials  

You’ll want to see pictures of work the company has done, recognize some of the customers they’ve worked with, and make sure their work suits your company culture and mindset.

Making Assumptions from Online Advertising

A modern reception desk or conference table might look cool and stylish online, but not knowing how it’s made (and with what) means it’s just a cool picture, nothing more. There are many things that appear great on the surface, but when you look further, you find flaws. Research materials and the construction process. Is your desk made of low-quality materials and bracketed panels, or is it solid furniture?

Getting Clear About Delivery and Setup

A furniture provider might ship you a box of parts that was prepacked thousands of miles away, without knowing if parts are missing, broken, or simply don’t fit correctly. At 90 Degree Office Concepts, we take pride in what we ship out. All our furniture is completely set up, triple-inspected, custom crated, and ready to put in place for use. No surprises!
All you need to do is call (855) 699-0334 and connect with one of our furniture designers. Spend a little time with them and share your ideas. You will get never get canned solutions that fit everyone from us. Instead, you’ll receive professional design ideas made just for you.