3 Common Mistakes Buyers Make When Choosing Custom Office Furniture

Most people who find themselves in the process of buying custom office furniture are doing it for the first time. Perhaps you are one of them! Because of this, common mistakes are repeated often. Awareness of a few common errors will help you become a better buyer, save you money, and help you avoid the pain and aggravation of do-overs—or, worse still, the disappointment of everyone who is counting on you to make them shine.

Buying knockoffs

One of the common misconceptions about knockoffs is that they’re cheaper. But are they, really? There are two main cost essentials in the building of custom office furniture: materials and man hours to build. Anyone can lower pricing simply by using lower-grade materials or cutting corners in production time. At the end of the day, though, any savings you gain will come with significant losses in quality, fit, finish, and other details you won’t notice at first. Not understanding this simple fact leaves the door open for disappointment.

If there is anything to learn about custom office furniture, it’s this. Each time you build something, you learn what doesn’t work well. At 90 Degree Office Concepts, we build only office furniture. We build intentional mockups, and we build our designs repeatedly. We understand what tends not to work well, and we avoid these things at all costs. Any builder, when working on a design for the very first time, will lack the benefit of repetitive advantage and knowing where the mistakes are, both now and in the future. There is a symbiotic relationship between design and construction. Without the benefit of knowing what’s on the designer’s mind, the first-time builder can only guess sizes, angles, relationships, materials, and scale. If just one of these things is not as designed, the furniture will inevitably look and feel different. Hiring a builder who is not an office furniture designer by trade is the first indication that your furniture will not come out as expected.

Additionally, taking copyrighted designs is not a victimless crime.

Buying from a picture

There is a lot to know about buying custom furniture besides simply seeing a picture and trying to duplicate it. There is wisdom in understanding. You are buying furniture for YOUR office, environment, and use. A mistake involving the wrong size with the right style can be disastrous. Often, furniture looks different from the picture once you make changes. Furniture of the wrong scale in any room will be a waste.

Misunderstanding design requirements for intended function is another costly mistake. Not understanding the upsides and downsides of the intended material and its location can result in damage to the furniture—and even injury to the user.

Choosing the wrong material

Just because a certain material looks great doesn’t mean it’s the right one for you. Some materials look great but wear poorly. Others wear well but are too costly for certain budgets. Materials applied in the wrong places will become damaged by simple use. To make a wise selection in terms of materials, you will need to educate yourself.

Let’s be real here. Custom office furniture is not cheap. Mistakes will cost you in appearance, first impressions, character, image, replacement costs, time, and functionality.

At 90 Degree Office Concepts, our team of experts will help you make all the right choices.