10 Low-Budget Ways to Change a Modern Reception Area from Blah to Amazing

Throughout the country, manufacturers of ready-made office reception furniture have made its purchase easy.Whether it’s a modern reception desk, a coffee table, or seating, it’s all fairly effortless. As a result, most office reception areas look just like the one next door. As each modern office emulates the one next to it, it becomes more and more desirable to have a modern office interior workspace that is uniquely different and exudes personality and creativity. All smart entrepreneurs want to have their workplace—and everything about their business—look stylish, professional, and a part of this century. However, many reception areas fall far short of looking amazing due to a shortage of dollars to go around. Your reception area is generally the first thing a visitor sees of your company. You can have it look modern and expensive on a budget, simply by utilizing a few simple tricks.

1. Reception Wall And Ceiling Molding
A workspace with flat, painted walls has the propensity to look common and uninteresting. The lack of diversity on walls and/or ceilings makes the reception area look as if it were lacking something. For just a few dollars, things like crown molding, wall moldings, and even painted designs made to look like moldings can add a classy appearance to your modern reception area. When selecting molding,look for examples that are wide; they have more visual presence and richness.

2. Paint for Your Modern Reception Area
The most challenging part of reception-area design consideration is choosing a color to paint your workplace.Choosing a clean white or high-colorant paint in a neutral hue will lend an air of complexity and affluence to the room. If your walls are a neutral color, this will give you the flexibility to change your accent colors from time to time, adding new life to your reception area and keeping it fresh. Here’s a cool trick I learned to give your reception area a dash of elegance. If you have wooden doors in your office, stain them black. If you do this, just be sure it doesn’t clash with the rest of your scheme.

3. Modern Reception Shapes and Materials
Interesting shapes and materials can add eye-catching appeal to any reception area. From the selection of fabric on throw pillows to uncommon materials on your modern reception desk, unusual shapes can add an upscale visual attraction to your entryway.

4. Modern Reception Area Windows
The options for your reception area windows are limitless, and you can be both creative and price-conscious at the same time. Don’t spend more than you have budgeted for, and let creativity do the rest…but don’t let budget interfere with quality. Avoid anything that looks cheap. If you want your reception area to look expensive, what you select has to exude quality. Avoid purchasing window treatments off the shelf. You can generally find fabrics and other materials in stores that specialize in the material of your choice, whether that is fabric, plastics, or specialty woods. Oftentimes, you can get the help you need from specialty shops to inspire your creativity. You can enlarge the visual appearance of your windows in your reception area by installing your window adornments close to the ceiling. This will give your reception area windows more presence.

Courtesy 3-Form UK

5. Reception Area Hardware: Finishing Touches
Walk into any modern office reception area, and you’ll notice that the hardware on furniture, doorknobs, and detail appointments is most likely going to be pretty commonplace. In most cases, these finishing touches are going to look and feel low-priced. Office furniture manufacturers, office builders, and contractors generally use these types of products to keep the price down. The strange thing is that these finishing details are the ones most often noticed by visitors and users as the details that make a reception area look cheap. Simply by changing hardware, hinges, drawer pulls, and doorknobs, you can instantly elevate the appearance of any reception area.

Courtesy of Coroflot

6. Modern Reception Area Lighting
In reception areas, as in all office areas, lighting is one of the things that business owners just take for granted when they takeover a building. Whatever comes standard in the office space is generally what comes to be used. Standard lighting is something that office-space providers give to satisfy a basic function. While florescent overhead lighting may offer mass general functional appeal, it often does little for your reception-area ambience—it’s got no style or personality. You don’t need to make this an expensive shopping endeavor. What you want to do is offer some diversity in lighting types and create soft lighting for mood, direct lighting for areas of awareness, and direct lighting for reading whileimplementing creative lighting for interest and design. Lightingcan provide an upscale look and feel to your modern reception space.

Courtesy of Coroflot

7. Reception Space Wood
There is something rich and elegant about wood furniture and floors. Carpet is quiet, soft, warm, and durable, but there is something unmistakably elegant about wood floors and/or furniture in your reception space. The cost of wood is undoubtedlymuch more expensive than other options. However, if you are planning to be in your building for some time, weighing the cost against replacing flooring (like carpeting) with its lifecycle may seem like a bargain. The same is true for wood-constructed furniture. While certain other materials may seem like a better bet pricewise, add replacement cost into your equation. For a more modern look and feel, consider mixing wood with other materials of interest. You can layer a beautiful area rug on top of wood flooring to anchor the room and tie design elements together.

Courtesy of Design Milk

8. Modern Reception Area Accessories
Silver, aluminum, stainless steel, chrome, and brushed nickel are considered materials of the modern workplace. They are easy to look at, and generally have a very clean,refined look. Replace metals in your office reception area that were popular in years past, like gold leaf, brass lamps, etc. Include accents of brushed metal on your modern reception desk, artwork frames, hardware, lamps,and other appointments to place your workplace in a more modern, upscale environment. The aluminum color will act as a better source of light reflection than other metals, as well.

9. Modern Reception Desks and Furniture
Modern office furniture represents,in most cases, the most costly check that most people write for their reception entryway. Most of us don’t have unlimited budgets to spend on reception furniture. Conversely, spending hard-earned money on cheap, poorly-made furniture will cost you a lot more in the long run. Just because all of the funds aren’t available at the moment doesn’t mean you need to settle. 90 Degree Office Concepts’ custom-made modern reception desks are available to you in your choice of materials and colors. What this does for you is basically allow you to select a budget, design, look, and feel that’s perfect for you. You can work with a design consultant who will help make your selection easy. This will give you the chance to modify your look for a small portion of what a high-pricedreception desk would cost you—without surrendering high quality.

10. Keeping Your Reception Area Organized
If it’s not organized and clean, everything I mentioned above doesn’t matter! Having a place for everything—and keeping everything in its place—is the best and lowest-cost way of making your modern reception entryway look and feel amazing. Acquiring specialized furniture and storage facilities to accommodate all of the tools, information, and equipment you needto present your company to your visitors in the best possible light is crucial. It demonstrates that you have it all together. Keeping your reception space clean and clutter-free provides a visual expectation of what to expect from your products, people, and process.

Combine all of these tricks, and your modern reception area will, without question, reflect a high-end, prosperous, well-organized company. That’s what you want…right?