What’s the price of the furniture?

Our furniture is all made from the ground up giving you the option of size, material and configuration. We need all this information to offer a price.

How long does the furniture take to build?

Our build time is generally two to four weeks. However, the complexity of some jobs, or our work load may require more time.

Is there a freight charge?

You will always pay for freight with everything. It will either be added on to the sale price (as with our product) or added into the sale price.

Can I get a bigger or smaller size?

Yes, our furniture is built to your size specification.

Can I get another color?

Yes, we have several hundred laminate colors, an array of wood veneers, metal, acrylics and can custom finish a color.

Why is the price of my furniture different that the price on the website?

Our starting at price shows the smallest size we can make that furniture in and the lowest price material. Our product flexibility allows you to change your furniture from standard to one that best suits your preference.

How do I pick materials and design my own furniture?

Our staff is knowledgeable in furniture design and will share pictures of materials and ideas until we get it right. We are here to help you and work with you to find the best options for your business.

How much assembly is involved?

None! All our furniture is ship fully assembled, fully inspected by our inspection team and ready to put in place. The only exception are large pieces too big to handle. In that case you will receive possibly two pieces designed to connect with ease.

Can I get inside delivery and set up?